* * 38 * *

Thirty-eight is how many years I have lived in here in Olathe, Kansas.

* * 3 * *

I have three amazing children who just "love" to be photographed by their mother!

* * 1 * *

I am talking about my one-and-only husband who I am thankful for each day.

* * 8 * *

I attended the University of Kansas to become a teacher. I went to grade school, junior high, and high school in Olathe, and was excited to get a job teaching with some of the teachers who taught me in school!  I taught for eight years.

* * 6 * *

It has been six years since I started this crazy journey in photography; even though I had a camera in my hand way before that.


There is no way to truly convey how awesome it is to look through the lens of a camera, capture a single moment, and then see that image being shared in so many ways.  Maybe a proud senior mom shares an image on her phone. A high school senior is excited and posts their favorites on social media. A family displays it as wall-art in their home.  I also get to see local high school athletes hang them as banners at their games.  It is all very exciting, and I am truly blessed to continue on this journey in photography.  I can't wait to see where it takes me!